Why CrossFit Newton?



We are the home for fitness enthusiasts – we believe in hard work, dedication, responsibility, and the power of community. We look forward to working out. We embrace challenges knowing that we’re in an environment of people who each face their own challenges every day. We train hard and together. We eat clean because it’s our way of life. We celebrate one another’s accomplishments out of a genuine desire to see everyone succeed. We don’t go to the gym to burn calories but to challenge our body, be with our community, and feed our souls.


All of our coaches love what they do. Their number one job is to make sure that this hour is the best one of your day. Making sure you feel motivated and successful. They understand each athlete has different goals and they work to help you achieve yours.




With a community to support, and motivate you, a great program and coaching to guide you, and a fun environment, you can’t help but succeed.